37th Annual Barton& District AC Cross Country

Sundays event was another very successful & enjoyable event.

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Sundays event was another very successful & enjoyable event.

Barton X Country Results are live

325 runners took part in the runs on the day, producing some great performances on a
cold day on a sometimes difficult, muddy course. 

It was brilliant to welcome Cross Country regulars and first-timers alike, and it was
especially pleasing to see whole families taking part in the races.

It was a cold but fun day for volunteers around the course, manning the numbers tents,
providing first aid cover or officiating.  The food/drinks organised
and provided by Ian, and club members certainly were greatly appreciated.

A big thank you to you all our volunteers, supporters and athletes for your efforts leading
up the event and on the day itself, without this level of support and commitment the event
wouldn’t happen.