Deepdale Dash Family Fun Run

My nerves were on edge when I looked at the weather forecast for Sunday 5th on the evening of
Wednesday as it only seemed like the week before when the 2016 Fun Run took place in what can
only be described as “monsoon conditions “! The forecast this year was for sunshine and I couldn’t
help but sigh with relief!

Saturday came along and I went out and set up the course on the very wet and boggy school field
and that monsoon weather memories hit me again.

On Sunday at 6:30am I looked out of the window and realised I had nothing to worry about!
This year we decided to have a helper on a mountain bike to lead the race and be the “hare”
and to be honest without the bike he would have struggled to keep in front!
As in previous years we had a 1Km race and a 2km race (twice around the course).  The weather had
played its part and we actually had 41 runners for the 1km and 40 runners for the 2km.

I’m happy to say that everyone that started the race finished and they all received a medal on completion
together with loads of praise from parents and the marshals scattered around the course.

Some of the highlights for me are seeing how everyone gets behind their child and cheers them along
and it is always really great to see all the “first timers” who are just starting on their athletics
journey. I love the fact that we had 2-year olds through the mid 40’s competing and it was great to see
35 runners from Barton athletics earn their medals!

The 1km race was won by Jessica Betts in 4 minutes 42 secs and the 2km race by Barton’s own Harry Barker
in 8 minutes 8 secs!! To be honest though everyone who took part was a winner and I want to praise each and
every one of them. I really need to say a “big thanks” also to the marshals that helped ensure the athletes
got around safely as well as the timekeepers and starter!

I’m already looking forward to the next Dash Fun Run in 2018 and also looking forward to seeing some of the fun
runners do the 10km dash in a few years!
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A MASSIVE well done to all the athletes and hopefully see you all next year (don’t worry the sunshine has
already been booked for next year !!!!)

Keep on running
Ian Papworth -Juniors coach