Club London Marathon Places


In 2017/18 a new system was introduced to replace the previous draw for the club places
allocated by the London Marathon sponsors. The new format is a simple list of the members
who meet the criteria below and the position they are on the list determines who next gets
the opportunity to represent the club at the London Marathon.

We believe this is a fairer system for everyone in the club and all fully paid-up
UKA registered Barton & District AC members who wish to experience running the London
Marathon will eventually get the opportunity to do so.

To be considered for inclusion and to stay on the list, each year you will
be required to meet the following criteria:

           •  Fully paid up UKA registered member by 30th April of the current year.
           •  Have a rejection letter/email for the current year.
           •  Have helped at a club event in the previous 12 months.
           •  Have never run the London Marathon before by any means,
              (ballot/ ‘good for age’/championship / charity).

This list will then be added to in subsequent years with the order determined by
a club ballot, the list will then be maintained by the membership secretary and a  
copy will be placed on the club website. Anyone who gets a place in the London
Marathon through other means, (ballot/ ‘good for age’/championship / charity),
or fails to meet the new criteria will then be removed from the list and all others
moved up. This ensures that the ethos of the system is maintained and all members
interested in running the London Marathon will eventually have the opportunity to do so.

Future places available through the club will then be offered to those at the
top of the list. If someone cannot take up their place when offered, then the
offer will be made to the next person on the list. Injured runners who have
registered their allocated club entry with the organisers will defer in accordance
with the existing London Marathon rules. Injured runners who have gained a club
place but not processed their entry, will be expected to pass their entry to the
next member on the list, but will be the first allocated place in the next year.
This list will then continue for future years so that over time everyone moves up
the list.

NB: The London Marathon organisers allocate between one and three places for
Barton & District AC and the number of UKA registered members that we have
influences the allocation.

In future all those currently on the list or who would like to be considered
for a Barton & District AC London Marathon club place must register with the
membership secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide evidence that they meet
the criteria as soon as possible after the official London Marathon ballot but
no later than the end of October.

It is the responsibility of those on the list to provide the evidence by the
end of October, not the clubs to stay on the list.

These rules were approved at the Club AGM, March 12th 2018

London Marathon places already allocated for 2020 - Sarah Richardson & Helen Graves

Then next for London Marathon places when they are available:

- Richard Musgrave

- Martina Hodgson

- Siobhan Webb

- Phil Kirkham

- Moya Rowlands

- Sean Ashton