How To Become A Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer at Barton and District AC


The club is always looking for volunteers to help train our junior section, officially known as “Endurance, track and field” We take children from 8 years old and they are split by age group into two sections.

The younger children take part in fun games with a view to developing the skills for track and field athletics, i.e. running, jumping and throwing. Younger children should be encouraged to try as broader range of sports as possible. Athletics is often neglected at primary schools so this gives children the chance to see if they enjoy these new activities.

The older children are put through their paces with more event specific training such as javelin, discus, and running events.

Volunteering to work with the children will entail working alongside qualified coaches to help deliver training sessions. The emphasis is on enjoyment and adults are there to encourage and support children. We are an inclusive club so children of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged to participate. To become a volunteer you will just need to complete a form for safeguarding purposes.

If you would like to become more involved in the coaching side of the club you can take a two day course to become a coaching assistant.

This involves learning the role of a coaching assistant, having a go at running, jumping and throwing with a view to supporting the fully qualified coaches at the club. The course is very practical with very little classroom time.

At the end of the weekend you are assessed by the coaches while delivering a short practical exercise with other adults on the course.

If you wish to go further there is a pathway to becoming a fully qualified coach. You can become a more general athletics coaching which encompasses track and field or you could choose to become a more event specific coach such as becoming a running coach.